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Transcarpathian handicrafts

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GPS: 48°37´13.5372" 22°17´13.7004"
Adriana Kuruc
  Artistic activity: ceramics Date of birth: 1978.06.10. Address: Uzhgorod town, Zhemaite street 14/3 Contacts: +38-0951494133, Education: secondary Adriana Kuruc graduated from the Uzhgorod College of Fine Arts named after Béla Erdélyi. She is the member of the Community of Hungarian Intellectuals in Transcarpathia. The craftswoman masterfully manufactures ocarinas, working...
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GPS: 48°4´19.6104" 22°53´42.5904"
Ágnes Pallagi
  Artistic activity: making flowers from pantyhose Date of birth: 1986.07.22. Address: Vynohradiv district, Tysobyken village, Shevchenka street 37 Contacts: +380976473864, Education: higher Ágnes Pallagi has been engaged in making flowers from pantyhose since 2013. She makes professionally butterflies, various flowers, jewelries (earrings, rings), Advent wreath, table decorations,...
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GPS: 48°37´17.6232" 22°17´11.2308"
Anatolii Kryvanych
  Artistic activity: artistic metalworking Date of birth: 1977.06.11. Address: Uzhhorod town Contacts: +380677746025 Education: higher The craftsman was born in Mizhhirja town. He graduated from the Uzhhorod College of Fine Arts and the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Among his works made of metal there are wrought iron parapets, balconies, benches, tables, diff erent furniture, fi replace accessories. He manufactures...
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Velyka Bakta
GPS: 48°9´39.7692" 22°39´47.0808"
Anatolii Sakalosh
  Artistic activity: carving Date of birth: 1956.09.28. Address: Berehovo district, Velyka Bakta village, Svoboda street 2/19 Contacts: +380508489404,, Education: vocational The craftsman graduated from the Uzhhorod College of Fine Arts at the department of woodworking. He works in fine (watercolor, oil, mixed technique, collage) and applied (woodcarving, glass painting,...
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GPS: 48°32´50.2656" 22°59´10.122"
Anatolii Staryna
  Artistic activity: embroidery Date of birth: 1966.05.18. Address: Svalyava town, Holovna street 70 Contacts: +380313323110 Education: vocational The craftswoman has mastered the technique of embroidery. She has a lot of embroidered towels, napkins, portraits. Anatolii Staryna makes embroidery icons. She wonderfully selects colours to the faces and clothes of saints. Among her works that are presented at district...
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GPS: 48°9´45.54" 22°49´9.444"
András Héder
  Artistic activity: carving Address: Berehovo district, Orosi village, Holovna street 72 Contacts: +380968438218, Education: secondary András Héder started to deal with carving at early age. He skillfully makes carved household items – rolling-pins, shelves for spices, coffee tables. In 2008 he decided to trycooperage. At fi rst he made plugs for barrels, and later...
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GPS: 48°44´5.6687999999999" 22°28´21.1224"
Andrii Puzakulych
  Artistic activity: carving, wooden sculptures Date of birth: 1955 Address: Perechyn town Conta cts: + 380668016530, +380938671359 Education: vocational Andrii Puzakulych skillfully makes more than one meter high, three-dimensional figures. Among his products there are Hutsul human shapes, domestic animals, mythological characters and fairy tale heroes, as well icons. The craftsman sells his carvings through souvenir...
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GPS: 48°10´22.6344" 23°53´18.2292"
Andrii Tokar
  Artistic activity: carving Date of birth: 1968.01.23. Address: Tiachiv district, Dubove village, Zhovtneva street Contacts: +380967266399 Education: vocational The craftsman likes to manufacture carved products on sacred theme, including icons and sculptures, which decorate the iconostases. He is also engaged in decorating furniture – beds, sofas, bedside table, etc. His wooden beds are incredibly large...
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GPS: 48°37´15.1716" 22°17´14.9388"
Andriy Zubenko
  Artistic activity: ceramics Date of birth: 1980.10.26. Address: Uzhgorod town, Korolova street 5/18 Contacts: +380955005529,, Education: higher The craftsman has been working as a freelance artist ceramist since graduating from the college. Andriy Zubenko is the member of the Ukrainian National Union of Folk Arts and Crafts. He uses various techniques in his work: pottery,...
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GPS: 48°1´50.8944" 23°25´54.3972"
Anita Nagy
  Artistic activity: weaving corn husk products Date of birth: 1989.05.03 Address: Khust district, Vyshkove village, Michurin street 6 Contacts: +380967148648 Education: secondary Anita Nagy has been engaged in weaving corn husk products since childhood. She masterfully manufactures decorative and household items from corn leaves. Her collection consists of fruit and bread baskets of different sizes, underlays....

Displaying 1 to 10 (of 134 products)
result/page 10 | 20 | 50
Result Pages:
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