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GPS: 48°37´17.6232" 22°17´11.2308"
Anatolii Kryvanych
  Artistic activity: artistic metalworking Date of birth: 1977.06.11. Address: Uzhhorod town Contacts: +380677746025 Education: higher The craftsman was born in Mizhhirja town. He graduated from the Uzhhorod College of Fine Arts and the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Among his works made of metal there are wrought iron parapets, balconies, benches, tables, diff erent furniture, fi replace accessories. He manufactures...
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GPS: 48°10´20.9856" 23°53´18.2292"
Oleksandr Tsubera
  Artistic activity: artistic metalworking Date of birth: 1992 Address: Tiachiv district, Dubove village, Horkoho street 54 Contacts: +380966350017 Education: vocational The rough metal changes into a fl ower, a butterfly or an elegant pattern in the hands of the craftsman. Oleksandr Tsubera gives his works away to the relatives, friends. His products are very popular and saleable.   The project titled...
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Velyka Dobron´
GPS: 48°25´7.3919999999998" 22°23´19.5468"
Sándor Ráti
  Artistic activity: coppersmith Date of birth: 1963.08.29. Address: Uzhhorod district, Velyka Dobron village, Eiher street 27 Contacts: +380992627207,, http:/ Education: vocational Sándor Ráti has been interested in coppersmith since his military service. He makes his pictures of red and yellow brass using special painting method. The craftsman has been manufacturing...

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)
result/page 10 | 20 | 50
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