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Restaurants in Transcarpathia

Among the multi-national dishes of the Transcarpathian cuisine, everyone can find something to their liking. You can taste traditional dishes, such as stuffed cabbage, different vegetable soups, chicken paprika, as well as dumplings and crepes in different flavours. As a result of the multitude of nations living here, you can also find Ukrainian and Russian dishes, like “saslik” also known as “robbers' meat”, “bános”, “verenyiki” and “borsch”.

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Café "Kapusta"
  Location: Uzhhorod town   Description: the café is situated in the centre of the town. Its restaurant offers European cusisine. The café presents the history of money and the present monetary relations around the world.   Opening hours: 8.00 - 22.00...
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Restaurant "Elegant"
  Location: Irshava district, Kushnytsia village   Description: the restaurant offers unique opportunities to celebrate birthdays and other events. Due to the architectural design, the restaurant exudes friendly and peaceful atmosphere.   Contacts: +38-097-688-73-83, +38-03144-73-286...
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GPS: 48°25´59.7612" 22°41´23.37"
Restaurant "Hrafskyi dvir"
  The restaurant complex consists of different parts: Restaurant Amur: it has 200 seats. It provides opportunities to organize banquets, christenings, weddings and other events.   Terrace: aquarium with trouts, live music every Saturday and Sunday. ...

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