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Honey tasting in Transcarpathia

Nowadays there is an opportunity to taste not only wine, but different kind of honey in Transcarpathia. A number of apiaries can be found in our region. Honey tasting can be diveded territorially into three parts: the Khust, the Mukachevo and the Mizhhiria district. Besides there is a bee monument in the Mizhhiria district. 

The first honey tasting hall in Ukraine was opened in Mukachevo. Aside from the honey tasting, the visitors can get acquiainted with the history and technology of honey production, as well apiculture products.

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Honey tasting in Uzhhorod
  In the café "Medivyi krai" one can taste different honey products of Transcarpathia. Wide range of mountain and floral honey Honey compositions to improve the condition of the body and beekeeping products Honey cakes Honey gifts, souvenirs of honey theme Fito and herb teas, honey drinks, coffee with honey Organic cosmetics from bee products   Contacts: Uzhhorod,...

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( 2015.04.06.)


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