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Churches in Transcarpathia


Roving through Transcarpathia, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience if you visit the religious relics whether they be a quiet village church or a cathedral in a noisy city. The most spectacular village churches are the ones with painted wooden ceiling panels. These panels decorated with plant motifs mostly were made in the 18th century by local craftsmen. One of the most beautiful and most characteristic churches of this  in Transcarpathia kind is the Reformed church in Chetfolvo, which has a tower with four turrets. More information >>
Also to be seen are the churches in Vishkovo, Tiachiv and Solovka, which are real masterpieces of folk art. In the course of time, this region, too, has experienced changes in style. The diversity of their legacy fascinates people even today. While the Roman Catholic church in Berehovo bears the signs of Gothic style, in the architecture of the Greek Catholic cathedral with two towers in Uzhhorod, the characteristics of both the Classicist and Baroque styles can be found. The unique Reformed church in Khust, built in Gothic style in the 14 century, is one of the oldest churches in the county. The round church (rotunda) in Horiany dates back to the time of the House of Árpád the first ruling dynasty in Hungary between 1000 and 1301. It is worth visiting, as its Gothic frescos are of unique beauty and invaluable artistic value.
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