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Rivers and lakes in Transcarpathia

Rivers and lakes in Transcarpathia

The river Tysa (originates from the junction of the Bila and Chorna Tysa, the total length within Transcarpathia is 223 m. and it flows into Danube near the capital of Belgrade, Serbia) plays a very important role in relief formation. The basin of Tysa contains all the rivers of the land.
The water system of Transcarpathia is separated from Prykarpattya rivers by Vodorozdil`ny (Divide) range. Total number of the rivers, flows and streams of Zakarpattia is rather significant-9429, among them are the small streams up to 10 km, 152 rivers have the length over 10 km (Rika, Tereblya, Shopurka, Teresva, Irshavka, Synyavka, Tyachivets, Serednya Rika, Kosivs`ka, Bogdan, Lazeschyna, Turpat, Ozeryanka, Bertyanka, Brusturyanka, Repynka, Luzhanka, Mokryanka, Apshytsya, Velyaka Ugol`ka, Vas`kova, Turja, Zhdenivka, Vyznytsya, Stara, Serne, Charonda, Tsygan`, Vylya, Turychka, Lomovanya, Pynya, Vycha, Svynka, Koropets`, Sukhar, Ulychka, Yarok, Boronyava, Vil`shanka etc.) and 4 rivers are over 100 km long (Uzh, Latorytsya, Borzhava, Tysa).
And the favorite places of entertainment of the tourists have become mountain waterfalls. The Voevodyn waterfall is located on the river of the same name 12km from the village Turja Polyana of Pecheryns`k district. The river Voevodyn springs from the Polyana Runi (1497m), flows through deep ravine and flows into the river Shypit. Maybe this waterfall has been created as a result of the earthquake when there appeared the crake in the rock across deep narrow valley and the water falls down to the small lake from 9 m height by two streams.
The waterfall Shypit is located on the river Pylypets within the meadow Borzhava (6 km from the village Pylypets of Mizhhiria district). Shypit falls down with numerous picturesque cascades. It has been created after the rock has been washed out by the river Pylypets which sprays its waters in the deep ravine.
The waterfall Skakalo has been created by the mountain stream of the river Synyavka (right confluent of the river Irshavka of Tysa basin). It is situated in Nyzhnye Grabovysche tract near the urban village Chynadiyov. The water falls with several streams down the stone lumps from 6m height.
Niresh waterfall is situated on the river Presh, confluent of the river Tysa springing from the slope of the volcanic mountain Tovsty Verkh (Thick Head) (814m) near the town of Khust. The waterfall is divided into two streams by the andesite rock. There the water has hollowed up five hollows being called by the inhabitants the „pots”.  
The waterfall Solovey (“Nightingale”) and Partisan are situated in the Upper Tyrutsya near the village Lumshory of Perechyns`k district.
The waterfall Trophanets is the highest waterfall of Zakarpattia created by the mountain stream flowing from the steep slopes of the mountain Blyznytsya (1881m) and is the right confluent of the Black Tysa river. The waterfall is well seen from the highway between the village Kvasy and urban village Yasinya.

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Rivers and lakes in Transcarpathia

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